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This is a group dedicated to Alex, the main character of Street Fighter 3, and yet the most badly neglected character of the whole franchise. This guy gets no regard from Capcom. Yes, he was in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but.... that was a Wii-exclusive. And a niche game with no competitive lift left.

This is a place for all Alex fans, and SF fans in general, to create and share their fan art/fiction, while showing their appreciation and support for the NY grappler who has yet to get the recognition he deserves. We want to see him power bombing fools in more games. TvC does not do him justice, and it makes no sense to reintroduce the SF3 cast without him.

Please check out our rules if you want to join. alex-appreciation.deviantart.c…
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A new build for SF5 was shown at NYCC today with a new stage set in New York. In it, there appears to have been a traffic accident, and Alex happens to be fixing a car by a hot dog stand. Check it out.…

I've seen someone suggest that it's really Axl from Final Fight. I was a bit skeptical myself, but on closer inspection, you can see Alex's signature face paint. Furthermore, the headband's actually covering his eyebrows. Most fan artists (UDON included) don't pay close enough attention to details like that, but it's always been a pretty defining aspect to Alex's look. Like Sol Badguy and Solid Snake, he keeps his facial expressions hidden. You don't know what he could be thinking.

And let's be real. Axl was never that big. He was tall, but not beefy. He looked like a twig standing next to Haggar.

While this model doesn't appear to be an exact recreation of Alex's SF3 design, SF5 was actually confirmed to take place after SF4, and before SF3. So it's reasonable to assume that this is him when he was a few years younger. His hair does appear to be shorter. I'm not sure if I'm sold on the worn-out look on his pants, but at least he has a new shirt to rip off before a fight.

If you're thinking that this cameo means he won't be playable at some point, you'd be right….. if this game were released ten years ago. Just look at SF4. Vega and Balrog made cameos in the Small Airfield stage, and they were playable. Hugo made a cameo in the Skyscraper stage, and he was playable. There's nothing stopping them from taking out this NPC model from the New York stage whenever Alex is fighting.

While I'm still annoyed about the Zangief reveal, and the increasing chances of SF3 characters being DLC, a tease like this is a good start if nothing else. We still got those pics hinting at Urien that Ono posted on Twitter, so that gives more credence to the original leaked list that mentioned him, Alex and Juri. All the other characters that have been revealed up to this point, with the exception of Vega, were on that list, including the names and brief descriptions of all the ones who are brand new (except for Necalli, but I'm guessing he's supposed to be the new boss that was also mentioned).

So all the naysayers who think Alex shouldn't be brought back can finally shut the fuck up. I'm looking forward to seeing the new, fleshed out model they give him, complete with new moves, a V-Skill and an interesting V-Trigger. It'll be such a huge relief too, because that NPC model looks like shit. And those clapping gestures? Feels out-of-character, if you ask me.
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