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This is a group dedicated to Alex, the main character of Street Fighter 3, and yet the most badly neglected character of the whole franchise. This guy gets no regard from Capcom. Yes, he was in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but.... that was a Wii-exclusive. And a niche game with no competitive lift left.

This is a place for all Alex fans, and SF fans in general, to create and share their fan art/fiction, while showing their appreciation and support for the NY grappler who has yet to get the recognition he deserves. We want to see him power bombing fools in more games for this console generation, including Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken. Because TvC does not do him justice, and it makes no sense to revive the SF3 cast without him.

Please check out our rules if you want to join. alex-appreciation.deviantart.c…
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Jun 2, 2012


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CapoToys has revealed five characters in their new mixed-media line of SF figures at Toy Fair this year: Ryu, Guile, Chun-Li, Sagat and Blanka. Since then, they've reportedly had people leave the company, and a few of their business partners have even split. As a result, they've turned to crowd funding to continue the production for the first wave of this line.

A kickstarter was just announced for Ryu. Details are in the link below.…

But I've also come across some more pleasant news. Rocco Tertamella, the artist behind the sculpts, has revealed that Capo wants to make figures for every character in the whole franchise! Not just for the original twelve. Not just for the cast of ST. Not just for the current roster for SF4. EV-ER-Y-BO-DY!

Yes, that includes the entire cast from the Alpha series, the Final Fight characters, AND the SF3 cast! Here's what Rocco had to say in response to several posts on Facebook.

- "Unless making figures for all 60+ characters is a stretch goal in the long run, I ain't dropping a dime on this. I'm so sick of seeing the original twelve get all the focus in merchandising."

Rocco: 44 figures are planned to start, then all, but Capo can't get there without fan support. Thanks

- "They should've let SOTA keep making their line. Not only did they mix their waves up pretty nicely with some populair ones with obscure ones, the quality was top notch! At least, for the first four waves anyway.

Hell, they even got us action figures of Birdie, Sodom, Remy and Gen. What other company can say that? The Ryu sculpt looks fantastic, but c'mon, give us somebody like Oro or Rose as well!"

Rocco: the entire cast of characters is planned. The success depends on fan support! I want to see every character made as well, and it could become a reality with continued fan support. Thanks!

- "Argh, when will Dudley and Haggar ever get a figure...I mean even Birdie got a figure and he's the most unpopular SF character ever (unfortunately)…PJSalt"

Rocco: The goal is to make all the figures, Capo can only get their with Fan support!

There you have at. Alex has a fair shot at getting his own figure now! And it's about damned time. If the quality of that Ryu figure stays consistent in further production runs with other characters, an Alex figure will surely be a must-buy.

Have a good one.

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